First Columbia…

About the Developer

First Columbia is a full-service real estate advisory firm and developer that has been providing real estate services for more than 25 years. We are a family owned business that offers a multitude of services. Our projects are recognized for meeting market demand and for consideration to both design and operating detail. Our philosophy of ‘listening to the customer’ is at the core of our development process and has allowed First Columbia properties to shine in both operating performance and value retention. We create value by developing projects that allow the user to successfully and efficiently achieve its own operating goals.

Why Our Properties

First Columbia developed the Owaissa Club town homes back in 2011 to create a high rental experience for those who cherish the Adirondacks. Owaissa Club is the closest set of rentals to Whiteface Mountain (just 2 miles from the main entrance). The property caters to market demand, being one of the only newly built projects in the Adirondacks. The town homes includes the same amenities that a hotel provides yet offers our guests the cozy mountain lodge feel.